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Not Exactly Un-belieb-able: Justin Bieber Caught Dancing With Mystery Girl in the Club

CREDIT: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Want to hear some news that will bring you back to yesteryear? Justin Bieber, who is on his one millionth break with Selena Gomez, was seen dancing with a mysterious blonde at a club. Aren’t you just shocked?

The Daily Mail said Bieber “hit up the clubs” with a blonde on Tuesday. ET had a bit more information, with footage of the two getting down on the dance floor (more specifically, the VIP section of The Roxy for a Craig David concert). An eyewitness, the most reliable of all sources, said the pair spent the whole night engrossed in one another. Admittedly, they do look pretty cozy…

The news is less juicy than it would normally be, as Bieber and Gomez have been on a break for a while now. Plus, she’s on a yacht somewhere in Australia looking pretty unbothered. The real issue here is, why are these people at concerts and yachts on a Tuesday while I’m stuck in a nor’easter?

[via Cosmopolitan]

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