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Now You can Wait for an Uber in a Fancy Lounge at the Mall for Some Reason


“Uber Lounge” is a new marketing strategy by Uber to accommodate its riders. The initiative is in partnership with Westfield, and will be opening in various locations across the United States.

33 of Westfield’s shopping centers will have the new lounge, starting with Century City in Los Angeles. In a blog post, Uber described the lounge as having an “”ultra-modern design,” with “sleek seating, and other amenities.”

An “Uber ambassador”, a representative of the company, will assist riders in five locations, answering any questions and ensuring a satisfactory ride.

The announcement of the lounge comes in an attempt to win back riders, after Uber has been involved with various controversies. Uber in India released a sexist advertisement, London banned Uber, and the company did not condone the highly problematic travel ban.

[via Mashable]

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