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You Now Have ONE HOUR to Delete Your WhatsApp Messages

WhatsApp has just made a big change to their app.

Back in October, the company announced the “Delete for everyone” feature. This gave users the opportunity to remove sent messages after seven minutes. Due to the latest upgrade, the company has greatly increase the time to one hour, eight minutes plus 16 seconds, as stated by WABetaInfo.

The extended time gives members the chance to get rid of messages that they didn’t want to sent, or delete a full discussion.

To remove the message(s) from everyone, members must go to the app and go the the chat section that has the conversation that they want to get rid of. Then hit and hold the exchange and pick the delete option in the toolbar. Finally hit “delete for everyone” tap.

To remove chats that you texted or obtained, follow the same steps to move exchanges from everyone except in the last step, the user must hit “Delete for Me.”

My dad uses WhatsApp, so like many users, I’m sure he is happy about this newest feature.

[via The Verge]

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