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Now Watch Every ‘Black Mirror’ Season 4 Trailer in One Convenient Location

“Metalhead” (CREDIT: Jonathan Prime/Netflix)

Netflix has been getting us hyped for Season 4 of its sci-fi/horror/satire anthology series Black Mirror by delivering trailers for each individual episode on a piecemeal basis and leaving us hanging by keeping the release date a secret. Until yesterday, that is, when yet another trailer was released (this time previewing the entire season) and a release date of December 29 was announced.

Now that you know just how long you have to wait for these 6 new BM episodes, perhaps you are in the mood to watch each trailer over and over again. So instead of opening all of them onto individual tabs, we have embedded each one below for your viewing convenience.

I have only ever seen a couple of episodes, so the question for me and folks like me, is if we can manage to get caught up in the next three-plus weeks in time to ring in the new year Black Mirror-style. Of course, this being an anthology show, it doesn’t really matter if we do or don’t, as each episode tells its own self-contained story and you can thus watch in whatever order you want.

Anyway, here are all the trailers below:

Full Season 4



“Hang the DJ”

“USS Callister”


“Black Museum”

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