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Nutella Fans Are Going Nuts Over an Announcement About an Ingredient Alteration

via Cosmopolitan

Ferrero, manufacturer of your favorite chocolate hazelnut spread Nutella, announced earlier this month in a  Facebook post that they were altering the iconic formula, adding more sugar, more fat, and less hazelnuts. Great!

Well, fans of the snack time favorite aren’t too happy with the news.

So here are the details of what these changes include: The Guardian reports that the “new” Nutella now has 56.3% sugar instead of the original 55.9%. The new version now also has way more powdered milk, which seems to have altered the color and made it lighter. We’re still in the dark about how much less hazelnut will be used.

However, Grubstreet pointed out that American Nutella has always been a little different than Italy’s, so it’s a bit late to be getting upset now.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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