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The NYC Hotel Industry is Claiming Airbnb Enables Terrorism

I get that the hotel industry is suffering because of Airbnb, but damn.

The Hotel Association of New York City just released an advertisement that essentially claims Airbnb has ties to terrorism. I guess alls fair when it comes to business, but this is a little nuts.

The ad used the recent Manchester bombing to basically said that Airbnb is giving terrorists housing.

Bit of a stretch, wouldn’t you say?

To make a point: Airbnb didn’t house any of the suspects that were tied to the Manchester bombing. Airbnb was initially thought to have rented out an apartment that was raided by police, but everyone later found out it wasn’t Airbnb, but another rental company.

The ad says:

“So who’s in your building? Airbnb won’t say.”

Why did they throw that in? Because after the bombing Airbnb refused to turn over documents of who was staying in what apartments to the police.

HELLO, it’s called privacy.

According to the New York Business Journal Airbnb public policy director Josh Meltzer sent a letter to a group of CEOs of hotels that are a part of the NYC association:

“First and foremost, Airbnb had nothing to do with this tragedy, and using these attacks in a cynical corporate PR campaign is despicable. Your company and the front groups you fund may oppose Airbnb and middle class people who share their homes, but using a global terrorist attack to protect your bottom line is beyond the pale and should have no place in any civil discourse.”

Haters gonna hate.

[via The Verge]

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