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NYC Photographer Captures Coincidental Photos All Around The Big Apple

via Twitter

I often get bored of seeing those ‘People of New York’ photographs on my Facebook feed. They’re usually artsy or homeless looking, with the same come-from-nothing story. This photographer decided to change it up a little bit, by roaming New York looking for the perfect coincidental photographs.

Jonathan Higbee’s new series is literally called “Coincidences,” and he called it his love letter to the city of New York. He wanted it to be a series unlike any other, but still capture the essence and magic of The Big Apple. His works have been quite appreciated by people of the city, and even those who don’t live there but just appreciate the patience and timing required for the photos.

The really impressive part of the timing of the photos. A split second too early or too late, and the moment is gone. Kudos to him for capturing everyday nonsense.

Check out some amazing pictures here.

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