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Obama and His Anger Translator, Luther, Say Farewell, Give Message to Trump

Screenshot via Mashable
Screenshot via Mashable

With President-elect Donald Trump taking office in two weeks, President Obama will be handing the reigns of the free world to the controversial businessman. Being the calm, calculated man we have seen over the last eight years, Obama has reserved any negative opinions about the ex-reality television star.

Instead, that job is reserved for Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key, in their roles as President Obama and his anger translator, Luther. Their last segment as the duo was aired on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah on Thursday night.

Jordan Peele sits calmly in a chair as President Obama, while Keegan-Michael Key stares into the camera with building anger as Luther, until he explodes.

The exasperated Luther begins to jump up and down and pace the room trying to make sense of the election, and the man who won it.

“How did this happen, man?” Luther cries out to the camera. “Don’t you understand? This is how The Hunger Games starts!”

In the nearly four minute rant, Key also attacks the electoral college, which has been questioned ever more after the election results. “They voted for Hillary Clinton, but then this outdated electoral college mumbo-jumbo voodoo bullsh-t,” Luther began, before walking off camera.

During the commotion, Peele sits coolly in the leather back chair, waiting for Luther’s rants to finish. “I have greatly enjoyed my time as your president,” Peele says. Luther is immediately set off on another tangent.

“Except when, you know, let me think about this, the republicans wouldn’t let me do sh-t, and then that one dude, said I wasn’t born here, and then you elected him. So you know what, didn’t love that part so much,” Luther condescendingly says.

The sketch is ended by the Luther reading the final note Obama is to leave to Donald Trump, which simply reads: “Go f—k yourself.”

 [Via Mashable]
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