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The Obamas Issue a Statement Condemning the Actions of Harvey Weinstein

Barack and Michelle Obama released a statement on Tuesday condemning the actions of Harvey Weinstein, the entertainment mogul who stands accused of multiple incidences of sexual harassment against women over the past few decades. Weinstein was a long time donor for the Democratic party and the Obamas’ eldest daughter, Malia, reportedly interned with The Weinstein Company this past summer.

And while people, for the most part, seemed appreciative of the Obamas’ statement, there were those who weren’t quite convinced of their honesty.

Now that the Obamas have spoken out against Weinstein along with Hillary Clinton, it will be interesting to see which other major figures in the Democratic party will speak out in regards to Weinstein. Donald Trump also issued a statement, in which he said he was “not surprised” by Weinstein’s accusations.

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