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Official Luke Skywalker Landspeeder Toy Vehicle Has Been Unveiled and I Wish I was a Kid Again

Luke Skywalker’s beat-up X-43 Landspeeder has been adored by kids for about 40 years now. From tiny action figurines to cardboard boxes, kids adore playing with their personal Landspeeder’s.

Perhaps the biggest “fuck you” was just delivered to Generation X via Comic- Con. The first officially licensed kid sized Star Wars Landspeeder was just unveiled. It drops this September from Radio Flyer and is available for pre order. Prepare yourself to hear a lot of, “Kids these days will never know what it’s like to sit in a box and make Landspeeder noises. I knew how to live when I was a child, I feel bad for this generation.” Save it grandpa, we have an X-43 Landspeeder. Take your box and walk away.

To make you feel worse guys, the 62 inch vehicle supports a maximum weight of 130 lbs.

The vehicle will be sold at Toys “R: Us, and will hit groundbreaking speeds of up to 5 mph forwards, and 2 mph in reverse. Damn, now that’s worth the $499 it costs to own this bad boy.

Check it out:

A single charge will permit approximately 5 hours of cruise time. Young men, that gives you 5 hours to pick up chicks in your hotrod. May the force be with you, lady killers.

[via Mashable]

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