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Here is The Official Teaser Trailer For The Summer Time Horror Flick ‘Summer of ’84’

Summer of ’84 is a nostalgic thriller created by the  directors of the Netflix original Turbo Kid. In this film the neighborhood conspiracy theorist Davey comes up with a new idea: his neighbor might possibly be a serial killer. The idea of having a serial killer as a neighbor scares him but also promises some excitement to a pretty boring summer.

Davey suspects his neighbor, who is a cop, to be the prime suspect in the case of the Cape May killer, and convinces his friends to help him investigate and income the truth.

Summer of ’84 stars Graham Verchere (Fargo, The Good Doctor), Judah Lewis (Demolition, The Babysitter), Cory Gruter-Andrew (The 100), Caleb Emery (Goosebumps, American Vandal), and Rich Sommer (Mad Men).

You can check out the teaser trailer below:

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