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OHT-Mobile Launches Innovative App Localization Solution ‘Lingui’

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Lingui by OHT-Mobile allows developers to  localize apps into multiple languages efficiently—without the need to resubmit to app stores.

Any app developer knows that making an optimal user experience takes a massive amount of work, especially when your users live all over the globe. Localizing your app in itself typically involves coordinating between countless people and services, taking up significant time and money. Fortunately, OHT-Mobile, a One Hour Translation company, announced a promising solution last week at the Mobile World Congress: Lingui. Lingui by OHT-Mobile is an innovative new Instant App Localization Solution, a simple and free way to localize apps quickly without the need for extra manpower, complicated processes or even the requirement to send updates to the App store or Google Play.

“Until now any newly translated apps would have to be uploaded to the relevant app stores, delaying the time to get the app to market. What’s more, users often had to update the app in order to get support for new languages or updated translation”,  says Ofer Shoshan, CEO of One Hour Translation. “With Lingui, your app translations and supported languages are managed on OHT-Mobile’s cloud. Updated translations or additional languages are simple and easy to add. There is no need to republish the app in the market or to update the app on the user’s device.”

Lingui by OHT-Mobile simplifies the development process by inserting a few lines of code into the application that detects text in the UI and allows you to translate in a number of ways. Basically, the process includes four simple steps: 1) add Lingui, 2) select your target languages, 3) select translation method (automatic translation, professional human translation or crowd sourced translation), and 4) get your translation from the cloud.

Once the translation process is complete, the update goes live instantly and everywhere, allowing all app users to choose from all active languages. Simple enough, right?

“Having spent a lot of time and effort developing their application, one of the biggest challenges facing developers is how to make their applications accessible and engaging for users around the world,” says Shoshan. “Lingui by OHT-Mobile allows developers to cut-out the time consuming and expensive process of localizing applications for multiple audiences”.

Because it reduces time and money spent, your users are bound to love the new service, too. Whether they are online or offline, they can switch seamlessly between languages, including their own native language (which 85% of users prefer, according to OHT-Mobile).

And on the other side of the table where the developer sits, this solution is a godsend. The entire process only entails pasting the Lingui SDK to your app, and from there on any changes you make will be instant, with no need to update or republish the app. Add translations directly from the cloud, or use a professional; it’s flexible enough to make everything up to you. Best of all, it’s free. Going forward, it makes sense to localize the easy way, with Lingui.

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