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Old 80s Wendy’s Training Videos are Deliciously Different

Guess what you food loving people! The best thing since free two-day shipping just happened! Twitter started acknowledging old Wendy’s’ training videos that they used in the 80s.


Why is this a big deal? Because this isn’t one of those boring videos about sexual harassment in the workplace with cheesy acting and grainy resolution. This is a 80s’ MUSIC VIDEO, and the only cheesy thing about it is the topping on the chili!

Seriously though, one watch and you’ll feel like you’re in a Michael Jackson video. The only thing I wonder is how people reacted to this during training. Was this common? Did they laugh so hard they got fired before they could even begin working?

We even get to see the Wendy’s founder Dave as he tell us about the grilling procedure of the burgers, abd the best part the way he says ‘Old Fashioned’, but pronounces it FAYshoned.

Sit back and enjoy these classic goldmines.


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