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Olympic Skater Adam Rippon’s Latest Tweet is Pure Gold

Adam Rippon, America’s newest darling, is becoming more of a fan favorite on Twitter.

Rippon is the first openly gay American athlete that has participate in the Winter Olympics.

The figure skater recently led Team USA to a bronze medal and the U.S has falling in love with him due to his lively personality, crazy amount of talent on the rink, and adoration of Reese Witherspoon.

While the 28-year old has received a ton of love, there are people who don’t want him to succeed. He took to Twitter to shut down all of his haters.

The tweet is nothing short of spectacular and a perfect 10. His response is full of confidence and motivation for others to not let negativity bring you down.

Naturally, the tweet was a big hit with his fans.

Rippon’s tweet is a great example of how to response to haters with grace and class. By all accounts, the guy seems really cool and down to earth, so I don’t understand the hate he is getting.

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