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One of the Most Highly Anticipated Apple Keynotes is Finally Upon Us, and Here’s What You need to Know Before You Watch


Ah, it’s that time if year again: Apple Keynote Season.

With iPhone 7 right around the corner, and Apple acting like we haven’t memorized every single rumor that has come out so far, this upcoming keynote is highly anticipated.

Here are the things you should expect during today’s event:

  • The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus, obviously. But, more specifically, what features are they keeping, adding and getting rid of. It’s almost confirmed that that the headphone jack is disappearing, but the color options, tiers of storage and camera quality are all still up for debate.
  • That being said, their headphone situation. Will Apple come out with their own version of wireless headphones? Most likely, but the design is still a secret. One thing is for sure: expect something Beats related to pop up.
  • iOS 10 is finally making it’s debut to the public. For those who were not able to beta the upcoming system, this will be your first introduction to the platform. So far, it’s gotten mixed reviews from users, so this is your opportunity to judge for yourself. Plus, we’ll finally get a confirmation of it’s launch date.
  • A brand new Apple Watch might also be making it’s debut. The sort of forgotten product is getting an upgrade, most likely with a GPS radio that’s doesn’t need to be connected to the customer’s iPhone.
  • A new Macbook? Maybe, but also maybe not. Apple might be saving these designs for another event closer to the holiday season, if they decide on not releasing anything today. The line up is already confirmed to be packed with brand new stuff, so we wouldn’t be shocked if they’re saving these details for their own time in the spotlight.

Apple’s iPhone 7 keynote starts at 10AM PT, 1PM ET, 6PM GMT, 7PM CET and 10:30PM IST on September 7. You can stream the event on Apple’s site at

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