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Online slots inspired by the movies


Getting new players to try out your slots games is a tough ask. In a competitive online gambling industry that had hundreds of websites offering similar things to their customers, standing out from the crowd is a key strategy for ensuring profits remain high.


One way that online casino providers do this is by ensuring their slot games are as attractive as possible to players. As long as slot games have existed, the look and feel of the machine is all about attracting players and keeping them playing when they get there, and an easy way to do this is by providing something that a player trusts and recognises. This is why you’ll see plenty of movie themed slot machines in online casinos.


Providing a revenue stream for movie studios who pick up licensing fees, and of course a recognised brand that online casinos can use to drive more traffic. With literally hundreds of movie themed slots out there, it’s easy to find a cool one and start playing, but of course some are better than others. These 5 slots are easily the best out there, and will give movie fans a new way to enjoy their favourite characters and storylines.


Iron Man slot game


When Robert Downey Junior pulled on the red exoskeleton back in 2008, a whole new universe opened up that would create one of the most successful franchises in movie history. This Marvel slot game features the original Avengers movie hero, complete with a great theme and images directly from the first film in the series.


The aim of the game is to match up symbols across the 5 reels that include Tony himself, the flying Iron Man suit and the hi-tech briefcase that folds out into the MKII suit for easy access, and you’ll win coins and cash bonuses for linking together the Iron Man logos which act as the scattered wilds. The Iron Man slot also features a bonus round, which is unlocked when 3 or more wilds are linked up on the same reel, unlocking free spins and a cool animation of Tony flying through the air.


The Iron Man slot was just as successful as the movies, and spawned another two games based on Iron Man 2 and Iron Man 3, so if you get bored of this one, there are two more great games out there to be enjoyed!


Top Gun slot


Fly straight into the danger zone with this slick slot machine based on the 80s classic. Naturally, Goose, Jester, Stinger and Charlie make up the symbols, but you won’t see Maverick (Tom Cruise), probably thanks to the insane amounts of money the star will command for the use of his image.

Other than this missing big name, the Top Gun slot is great fun, with cool animations and of course an epic soundtrack that pays homage to movie, with Take My Breath Away playing as the reels spins. You’ll need to collect wilds, which take the shape of the Top Gun logo, with a cool dogfight feature acting as the bonus round, bringing in the big wins and of course those valuable free spins


Jurassic Park slot

With the release of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, dinosaur fans will be looking for new ways to get their giant lizard kicks and the Jurassic Park slot offers excitement to match the destruction on screen. The big standout feature of the Jurassic Park slot is the sheer quality of the graphics and the feel of the slot itself, with fully licensed images and sound effects taken directly from the film. As well as images of the real stars, which take the form of velociraptors, triceratops and dilophosaurs, the real excitement takes place when the randomly triggered T-Rex alert feature kicks in, adding 35 wilds and 6 free spins, boosting potential cash payouts


A Nightmare on Elm Street


Wes Craven’s 1984 cult classic soon became one of the most popular scary movies of all time, and the game is just one of the many great online slots at 777 casino. It is based on the 2010 remake and it helps horror fans to get their fill of frights. The first thing you’ll notice about this great 5 reel slot game is the creepy interface, which looks just like the creepy basement of the school where Freddy met his demise. The rest of the reel images are made up by Freddy’s victims from the movie, and there are plenty of animations that features scenes directly from the film.


The real excitement kicks in with the Never Sleep Again feature, in which players must choose items that prevent them from falling asleep and into the demon janitor’s trap. These include a cup of coffee, loud TV and a telephone call to your friend, and if you manage to line these up in the bonus game, you’ll get extra spins and even coin payouts.


Terminator 2 slot game

Let’s face it, all of the best movies were made or released in the 80s and 90s, and Terminator 2 is no exception. The evil Terminator played by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the first movie returns as the protagonist to help Sarah and Jon Connor escape from the terrifying T-1000, and all the action from this James Cameron classic is brought to life in the slot game of the movie.


Alongside the playing card suits you’ll find on almost every slot game, pictures of the stars pop up to give coin payouts, but it’s the T2 logos and scatter symbols that are most valuable in this game. When the bonus round kicks in, the payline number increase to a massive 1024 winning combinations, ensuring you’ll win some decent money back, and the T-800 Vision mode pays out even more, a nice touch that reflects the (at the time) cutting edge graphics seen in the movie.


If you’re going to try out any of these great titles, then make sure you have a decent slot gaming strategy in place. Not only will you improve your chances of winning big, but you’ll also make your games last longer, important if you’re just starting to get stuck into the game of your favourite movie!

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