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‘Our Cartoon President’ Trailer: Stephen Colbert-Produced Trump Satire to Soon Preside at Showtime


Master of satire Stephen Colbert is planning on taking President Trump from a figurative cartoon to a literal cartoon by executive producing an upcoming show called Our Cartoon President for Showtime.

Based on a bit from The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the show is an “all-access” look at Trump as he goes about his daily life as the most powerful man in the world, which mostly consists of bragging about his electoral victory to everyone who is forced to listen. He also enjoys some family bonding time with his two sons over who is the dumbest member of the family, and hurling himself onto the Situation Room table in excitement over getting to have the nuclear football.

Colbert is producing the show alongside his Late Show producer Chris Licht. R.J. Fried will be the showrunner and Tim Luecke the lead animator.

Our Cartoon President premieres on Showtime on February 11. Watch the trailer below here:

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