Our Current President Owns over 3,500 Website Domains, Including DonaldTrumpSucks.com


We all know Donald Trump loves to address his “haters.”

But, did you know he also loves the address of his haters?

CNNMoney investigated 20 years of internet records using DomainTools, which tracks registrations and transfers, and found that Trumpster owns  3,643 website domains, ranging from the sort of understandable TrumpEmpire.com  to the ridiculously perfect DonaldTrumpSucks.com.

Turns out Trump’s main strategy to combat the “haters and losers” are to buy up domains that an possibly be used against him. My favorites include:

  • DonaldTrumpSucks.com
  • TrumpScam.com
  • TrumpNetworkPyramidScheme.com
  • TrumpOrganizationSucks.com
  • IHateTrumpVodka.com
  • TrumpFraud.org
  • ImBeingSuedByTheDonald.com
  • TrumpMustGo.com

Another one he owns which is kind of scary? TrumpRussia.com, which, according to whois.icann.org, was created July 17th, 2008, but was updated on June 29th, 2016. 


A domain he surprisingly doesn’t own? ImpeachTrump.com

[Via Gizmodo]



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