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‘Outlander’ Season 3 Trailer Features Delicious Cake, as Well as the Typical Double Timelines

outlander-season-3-clapping(CREDIT: Starz)

Attention, fans of time travel and heaving chests! Starz has released the first trailer for Season 3 of Outlander, and it looks delicious.

I have never actually watched the show, though it has intrigued me (it sounds thrilling AND sexy). But I shall do my best to set up the clip.

It looks like Claire is back to hanging out in the present day, where (or when, I suppose) her daughter is graduating, for which she has been baked a tempting cake. (Or maybe that’s birthday cake? Why would there be candles on a graduation cake?)

Meanwhile, Jamie is all alone in the 1700’s, and I’m not sure I would know what was going on with him even if I did watch the show, what with his thick Scottish accent.

Watch the clip below, and then catch Outlander when it returns in September.

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