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Pack Your Bags: It Will Be Warmer at the North Pole Than in Europe Next Week

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The North Pole is going to be warmer than a large portion of Europe this coming week. And people seriously still think the global climate change isn’t real. This seems fine!

The North Atlantic and Pacific Oceans are bringing in unseasonably warm air to Santa’s home. The Arctic sea ice is at record low levels, with ice off the coast of Alaska all but vanishing completely.

This lack of ice is exposing citizens in coastal communities to storm surge flooding, especially on Little Diomede Island. Waves are slamming against the coast when there would usually be ice there to protect the land. You can watch the video here.

Meanwhile, this is leaving several countries in Europe to be colder than ever. This is caused by a split in the polar vortex. Plus, greenhouse gases are causing the North Pole to warm at twice the rate of the world, so it’s getting warmer than ever as Europe freezes over. The warming of the ocean surface and the low amount of sea ice are at unprecedented levels over the last 1,500 years.

So, I’d say humanity has about 100 years left if we’re lucky. What do you think?

[via Mashable]

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