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Paris is Continuing to Flood and 1,500 People Have Been Evacuated

via The Sun

After overflowing last week and causing crazy traffic delays and rodent problems, the River Seine’s overflow has now caused evacuations and popular tourist destinations to shut down.

Sightseeing boats have stopped running, and the Louvre was put on alert; A basement exhibit of Islamic art was closed.

In 2016, the River Seine also caused record flooding, and it’s expected that the river is now going to reach peak levels similar to those in 2016. The river has so far created 19 feet of flooding, causing damage in 242 towns along the banks of the river.

via The Sun

The December-January period has been the third wettest on record, and in just 24 hours over the weekend, the river rose more than 13 feet its’ normal height.

[via The Sun]

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