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Patrick Stewart Hints at a Professor X Cameo in Legion/Deadpool

Marvel fans rejoice! There is still hope! In an appearance on the Late Late Show with James Corden, actor Sir Patrick Stewart hinted at a future for Professor X. The actor, who has played Professor X in seven different Marvel films, was on the show promoting his latest foray in the Marvel universe, Logan.

Logan, which features Professor X and hunk Hugh Jackman in the titular role, takes place in a dystopian future where mutants have been all but exterminated. In the film, Professor X is around 90 years old, an age the actor joked is a bit of a “stretch” for him.

Stewart said that after a tearful screening of the film, he realized it would be the perfect time to hang up the proverbial cape and say good bye to what has become his arguably most famous role. Fans of the Marvel films, however, have called for a recurrence of the role in the upcoming Deadpool sequel.

Fellow guest Dan Stevens then suggested that Stewart reprise his role in the upcoming Legion series, in which Stevens plays Patrick Horner, a character that would be Professor X’s son in the Marvel universe.

“Are you in?” asked Corden.

“Absolutely!” Stewart replied

It’s up to Marvel execs, but I’m sure fans around the world would hate for this to be the end of Stewart’s Professor X.


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