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Patrick Stewart, Like all of us, Smokes Weed Pretty Much All the Time

patrick stewart

In spite of Jeff Sessions and his super lame campaign against legal marijuana, Patrick Stewart, Dr. X from the popular X-Men franchise, released a statement in favor of medical marijuana and revealed that he is a daily user for his arthritis. The 76-year-old actor spoke in support of a new initiative by Oxford University, which will explore the benefits of medical marijuana.

Stewart says that after being diagnosed by a doctor and prescribed the use of cannabis to ease the pain he has used it ever since.

“It helps with sleep as the pain was reduced. The spray, however, is much more usable and I spray my fingers and particularly my thumb joints several times a day. The spray very quickly evaporates and leaves my hands quite dry, though with a slight burning or tingling sensation, which is not unpleasant. I believe that the ointment and spray have significantly reduced the stiffness and pain in my hands.”

He also says that he has not experienced any negative side effects unlike “Advil, Aleve and Naproxen, which are known to be harsh on the liver and to cause acid reflux.”

The Oxford study “is an important step forward for Britain in a field of research that has for too long been held back by prejudice, fear and ignorance. I believe this programme of research might result in benefits for people like myself as well as millions of others.”

[via Mashable]

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