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Patton Oswalt Dressed as Roy Moore and Hilariously Mocked Him on ‘The Tonight Show’

Doing what comedians do best, Patton Oswalt got the crowd laughing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon as he portrayed Roy Moore. By using word play, like calling himself “Billy the Kid molester,” Oswalt successfully pointed out everything wrong with the Senate candidate, something that Washington, D.C. has not been able to do.

Fallon feigned disgust at Moore’s (Oswalt) remarks, and said he didn’t want to speak with him anymore. But Moore was not about to be deterred. Before leaving, he dropped a few campaign “slogans” that put the candidate into deeper water, highlighting his pedophiliac tendencies and disgusting behavior of blaming the victims. And lesbians, gays, and socialists.

Complete with black, leather vest and cowboy hat, Oswalt did a very nice job at depreciating Moore.

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