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Patty Jenkins of ‘Wonder Woman’ is Underpaid and the Glass Ceiling Still Exists


Imagine being the DIRECTOR of Wonder Woman and still being underpaid. Although Jenkins’ pay for the sequel will bank $7-9 million, she still makes less than men. And even though Jenkins is the highest paid female director, she still makes less than men.

Women work just as hard as men but have to fight hard to get paid equally. A woman’s ability to produce, direct, or star in a movie is not held the same esteem as men.


Jenkins did everything right when it came to directing Wonder Woman. She got on board with a can-do attitude and produced a film that was wildly successful in the box office. She worked hard on negotiating a sequel with Warner Bros., something that would not have taken nearly as long or had as many loopholes if she were a man.

But she got the sequel, and there is no doubt she’s going to direct another phenomenal film.

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