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Your PB&J is Getting a Major Upgrade with This Rosé Jelly

The world is still on their rosé trend, and the items keep getting weirder.

There’s now rosé deodorant, gummy bears, and even rosé Alfredo sauce.  Everyone, or maybe just millennials, has become obsessed with the pink drink in alcoholic and nonalcoholic forms.

I was beginning to think the trend was coming to an end, but I stand corrected; there is now rosé jelly…

Drunk Jelly, a company on Etsy, has started creating this jelly for wine lovers everywhere; but if rosé isn’t your flavor don’t worry, this isn’t the only wine flavored jelly they have. They also offer pinot noir, moscato, chardonnay, pinot grigio, merlot, and cabernet sauvignon.

According to Drunk Jelly, their rosé jelly has hints of cherry, watermelon, and lime, and sadly, is non-alcoholic.

Some people might be way over rosé, but c’mon don’t lie you know you want to try this jelly.

[via mashable]

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