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Pennywise From ‘IT’ And The Babadook Are Now Gay Lovers

CREDIT: Warner Bros./IFC Films

Remember last year when the internet decided that the Babadook was a gay icon? Remember how sort of fun and touching it was? How it almost made sense, when you thought about it?

Well now the internet has decided that Pennywise from IT is also gay. Because.

I mean, if it was funny once, it has to be funny to just do the same thing again! But this time with a different horror movie? Do you get it?

Anyway, Pennywise and the Babadook are fucking now.

I mean, mazel tov, I guess, but as a gay man myself and generally a fan of this kind of internet horseshit, I don’t know that I really see it.

But other people seem to.

[via Mashable]

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