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People Are Freaking Out Over A Potential ‘Fellatio Café’ In London

Fellatio Cafe

As we’ve learned recently, Café’s can come in all sorts of themes—like this Hello Kitty themed cafe, or this poop-themed one. But we have to admit, this next one takes the cake. Bradley Charvet, is looking to start a Fellatio Café in London. Yes, you heard that right. This cafe would actually involve customers receiving oral sex while they enjoy the (other) café treats. And by the way, he told the Independent that he already has an official launch date (Dec. 5) for a similar cafe based in Geneva, Switzerland.

There’s no launch date for the London one yet, as he apparently has to get through some legalities first. But he doesn’t seem worried. “We are happy this will be a legal business in the UK, which is nice because it will be organised and controlled,” he told the Evening Standard. “The project is in progress. At the moment, our lawyer is doing the job to get the right stuff done.”

So how would it work? Well first you have to be a man, of course. (But they are looking to propose a service for women according to their website). Then, customers will choose their “hostess” on an iPad.


“It will be a café like others, plus two booths for shy people,” Charvet told the Independent. “In Switzerland, booths are not allowed anymore. We are talking with the UK police to fix that for the shy guys.”

Interesting. And perhaps unsanitary? Here are some other (understandably) strong reactions:

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