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This Person’s Summer ’17 Bucket List is Basically the Bucket List of Your Dreams

Teenagers look forward to summer time when they have the freedom to go crazy all day and hang out with friends the whole time.  It’s the season when they dream of doing all the things they haven’t done and to have a summer to remember.  Some dream of partying all day, others dream of picnics in the park; according to this teenager she has a fascination to do both of these, and much more.

Twitter use @scorpiosar’s friend found this list in an Urban Outfitters changing room, on Friday, and naturally she shared it on Twitter:

All I want to know, as well as the rest of the internet, is how old this person is; they go from boob hickey to summer reading to getting cross faded 17 times.  My guess is around 15-17, but if she’s that old why is she trying to have a lemonade stand with Zoe? Shouldn’t they leave lemonade stands to people under the age of 10?

Twitter is having a blast trying to figure out who this mystery writer is:

The main reason this has gone viral is because everyone is fascinated with who the mystery writer is.  It’s also a good reminder that summer is over, so we better live it up while we can.  Maybe you can use some of the ideas off this list to create your own Summer ’17 bucket list.

[via cosmopolitan]

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