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PETA Group of Vegan Activists Storm a Dog Show to Protest Breeding

Ever been flipping through the channels and come across one of those dog shows? Maybe you dwell on it for a few seconds, watching these masterfully bred best friends of man doing obstacle courses with focus and determination.

It’s nice to see a human and doggo in their flow.

Not according to PETA, though.

The animal activists group frowns upon dog shows, due to their selective breeding program that the dogs usually undergo. Members of PETA’s Vegan Strike Group recently stormed the stage of the Crufts dog show to protest the practice.

As a whippet named Tease was about to receive the award for Best in Show, a few protesters ran on holding signs regarding the cruel breeding process.

The problems they have with the breeding process is the possibility of birth defects, diseases, and genial health conditions that can occur.  With dogs pumping out lots of different litters to make the “best pup,” the rest are left to shelters where they can’t always get the loving homes they deserve.

Way to go, PETA!

[via Mashable]

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