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Peter Souza Subtweets Donald Trump and Then Some

The former Obama White House photographer, Peter Souza is a big proponent of trolling Trump. Instagram is his social media of choice when it comes to poking fun at dear old Donald Trump. Souza decided to switch things up and enter Trump’s social media of choice: Twitter.

Souza posted a tweet Friday morning posting a pic of Twitter’s harassment policy, going as far as to screenshot a certain section. I wonder who this subtweet could possibly be directed towards.

In case you’ve been living under a rock Trump is infamous for his Twitter bullying and harassment antics. Just look at what the man did to Jeff Sessions. Now Trump sets his sight towards North Korea. Trump issued a verbal warning to North Korea and Kim Jong-Un on Tuesday.

But wait there’s more.

At 4 AM (Classic Donald Time) he tweeted about North Korea AGAIN.

This prompted Souza to tweet hinting that everyone should report Trump. This isn’t the first time people have rallied to try and get Trump off Twitter, but it sure is the most entertaining way.

[via Mashable]

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