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Photographer Broke After Being Sued by Monkey …Yes, You Read That Correctly

A monkey has sued wildlife photographer David Slater.

Only in America can a monkey sue someone and leave them broke.

Apparently, the monkey snapped a perfectly composed selfie that would make even the Kardashians tear up.

PETA is making the case that an Indonesian monkey named Naruto has ownership of a now-viral image. The monkey formed the images through “purposeful and voluntary actions … unaided by Slater, resulting in original works of authorship.”

Slater’s attorney, Angela Dunning, had this to say, “It is absurd to say a monkey can sue for copyright infringement…. He is a monkey.”

A federal judge ruled against PETA and Naruto last year. The judge said he did not have the qualifications to sue. Additionally, there was no indication that Congress plans to broaden copyright protection to animals.

Though, at Wednesday’s hearing, this statement was made: Photographs can be copyrighted, and Naruto is technically the author.

People are making the case that for PETA it isn’t so much about the lawsuit as it is a publicity stunt. Many questioned why it was PETA that should represent the monkey. Naruto wasn’t even at the hearing!

“It’s like he doesn’t even care,” said an individual at the hearing.

[via Twitter]

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