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Piers Morgan Speaks Up About Omarosa’s Vile Behaviour

CREDIT: Douglas Gorenstein/NBC

Celebrity Big Brother star Omarosa Manigault Newman has been causing a stir about her past in the White House. And recently, Piers Morgan stepped up and shed some light about some things that allegedly happened during their time together on Celebrity Apprentice.

In a piece in the Daily Mail, Morgan questioned why Newman was ever let into the White House, seeing as she tried to offer him sex to win Celebrity Apprentice. When he declined, she started gay rumors about him, also calling him “a f**ing fagg*t.”

Newman left the White House in December, after being fired three times on Celebrity Apprentice. She said she was haunted daily by what the president was tweeting. It looks like her time in the spotlight has ended with her going up in flames.

[via EW]

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