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‘Please Stand By’ Trailer: Dakota Fanning is a Star Trek Fan on a Very Important Mission

CREDIT: Magnolia Pictures

What do you get when a young autistic woman has written a 500-page Star Trek script that simply must be delivered to the judges of a screenwriting competition in Hollywood ASAP? It’s a movie called Please Stand By, and it stars Dakota Fanning as the Trek obsessive.

The trailer just dropped, and it looks like the sort of thing that might fall under the radar but perhaps shouldn’t. Geekery is a source of joy that helps a lot of people could get by in life, and there is surely a compelling story in there.

Please Stand By also stars Toni Collette as Fanning’s caretaker, Alice Eve as her sister, and Patton Oswalt as a police officer who makes a connection with her by speaking in Klingon. It is due in theaters and on demand January 26, 2018. Watch the trailer below:

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