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Pokémon Go Update Provides Only The Most Useless Pokémon From Gen 2

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It’s been five months since Pokémon Go‘s initial release and active players are dropping like flies. The simplistic gameplay was enough to tide people over for a few months but, after a while, players began to crave the trading and battling mechanics presented in the game’s very first trailer. While these features still aren’t yet present in the game, Niantic has been doing a lot of promotions recently to get players back into the game. Their newest update includes one of the game’s most requested features: more Pokémon! Unfortunately, they didn’t include any GOOD new Pokémon!

While initial rumors pointed to all of the Gold and Silver Pokémon being added to the game at the same time, Niantic has instead opted to add in only the baby Pokémon from generation 2 and, even then, you can’t get them out in the wild. Baby Pokémon are pre-evolved forms of Gen 1 Pokémon (like Pichu who evolves into Pikachu and Magby who evolves into Magmar) and were only available by breeding your fully-evolved Pokémon at the daycare. Likewise, the baby Pokémon in Go are only obtainable by hatching the eggs you get at Pokéstops. Baby Pokémon are pitifully weak but evolving them could, in theory, boost the CP of their fully-evolved forms. They might also be able to use moves that their evolved forms couldn’t learn naturally. Still, the addition of baby Pokémon is nowhere near as exciting as the inclusion of Gen. 2 favorites like Chikorita, Wobbuffet, and Tyranitar would be.

The full list of Pokémon coming to Go includes the aforementioned Pichu and Magby, Cleffa (who evolves into Clefairy), Igglybuff (who evolves into Jigglypuff), Togepi (who evolves into Togetic, the only evolved form coming to the update), Smoochum (who evolves into Jynx), and Elekid (who evolves into Electabuzz). It’s worth noting that Tyrogue (who can evolve into either Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, or Hitmontop) is not included in the update. Perhaps Niantic is having a hard time implementing its split-evolution mechanic into the game. Let’s hope that Tyrogue comes soon along with the rest of the gen 2 Pokémon because I’m running out of patience for Niantic!

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