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Pool Jumping Feat may Require New Feet

Via Sploid
Via Sploid

Youtube has allowed anyone with a camera to showcase their skills, talents, ideas, and courage to the world. The latter was 8Booth’s claim to fame.

His face and name are unknown, but his stunts have drawn the attention of millions. With his trusty Go-pro, 8Booth sneaks into hotels, on top of houses; anywhere high up where there’s a pool below. Then he jumps.

8Booth calls it ‘Pool Drop,’ and has the videos numbered in a series. The videos are gripping, with only a few inches separating him from death. Here he is climbing atop houses before running off a roof into a pool. From the second angle, you could see just how close he gets to the edge. He’s made seven successful jumps.

His eighth video in the ‘Pool Drop’ series ended in catastrophe. His feet hit the edge as his body flopped into the pool, shattering both his feet and ankles. The footage was captured by a camera he had placed nearby, but be wary, because it’s pretty graphic. He’s still recovering in the hospital and has set up a gofundme page for his fans to donate money towards his hospital bills.

This is why you should never try things at home, kids.

[Via Sploid]

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