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Pornhub is Giving Away Premium Access to People Living in Places You Might Put Into Their Search Bar

Pornhub has garnered a reputation for being super awesome and hilarious, and their newest Pornhub Premium promotion campaign is no different.

In a video they put out on Wednesday, the world’s biggest porn site made a special announcement for all the people around the world who live in towns and cities with sexually suggestive names: they’ll all be given free access to Pornhub Premium! So, citizens of places like Fingringhoe, England and Beaverlink, Kentucky, no longer must you be ashamed of living in towns with such names (not that you should be in the first place), as now you’ll have a leg up on the rest of us in terms of your access to the best ad-free porn out there.

In a press statement, Pornhub VP Corey Price said,

With the proliferation of online adult entertainment, many people have become very well-versed in its vernacular and sexual sayings. Unfortunately, this has made towns with sexually suggestive names the butt of many more jokes. Here at Pornhub, we think a name is worth celebrating, rather than subjecting to incessant ridicule.

If you want to find out if your city or one close by you is included in the program, you can check out a full map of all available locations right here.

For all of you lucky enough to live in places with names like Fucking and Orgy, happy masturbating!

[via Mashable]

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