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Porsche is Reportedly Hiding ‘Damaging Evidence’ on Car was Driving Paul Walker During His Fatal Crash


Paul Walker’s untimely death shook Hollywood beyond belief. Seriously, I don’t cry about celebrities dying, but I cried for that one. Now, it seems like there’s more to the story than we originally thought.

According to court documents obtained by the New York Daily News, Porsche has been accused of engineering a “cover-up” after a lawsuit was filed by Paul Walker’s daughter. Walker was driving a Porsche Carrera GT that fatally crashed killing him instantly.

The paperwork, filed by Meadow Walker, alleges that Porsche Cars of North America had “improperly redacted” information from emails and other documents.

Meadow’s attorney claims that Porsche had allegedly been attempting to hide a discussion about the number of totaled Carrera GT vehicles (200 out of 1,280) during the model’s first two years of production. Meaning, the car was far more dangerous to drive than Porsche actually led on.

In the same email, a Porsche manager said it “great news” for owners and the GT would now become “more rare.”

Meadow’s attorney, Jeffrey L. Milam, told the Wrap

“We have learned that Porsche has hidden damaging evidence [showing] it knew its Carrera GT—the car that killed Paul Walker—was dangerous and unsafe. Porsche concealed this information from the public to protect its image and brand.”

Back in April 2016, during a different suit, a California court ruled that Porsche was “not to blame” for the 2013 crash that killed Walker and Roger Rodas.

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