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A Powerpoint Presentation is Making this Guy’s Tinder More Popular

Image: Sam Dixey / Mashable Composite via Mashable

There have been some ridiculous and extra actions people have taken to get more right swipes on their Tinder profiles. Now, 21-year Sam Dixey from England has taken Tinder antics to a different level. Dixey made a powerpoint presentation and uploaded them as his cover images on the dating app. A fellow user, Gracie Barrow, spotted the powerpoint and gifted the world with screenshots on Twitter.

On the powerpoint, Dixey lists his hobbies and interests, as well as comedic, fake reviews of himself from others such U.S. President Donald Trump. Barrow swiped right on Dixey’s profile, because how could she not with this amazing Powerpoint.

Image: Sam Dixey via Mashable

Barrow said, “I straight away showed my friends because I’d never seen anything like it before!”

Other notable lines within the powerpoint are, “I have friends and do things outside,” and he is “not the worst at sex.”

What a guy.

[via Mashable]

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