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President Trump Gambling Policies and Legislations

During his Presidential campaign, President Trump made promises and predictions on a wide range of topics. One thing he didn’t talk about was his take on the future of gambling in the United States.

As a former casino owner and businessman who has spent a great deal of time in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, many are hoping that he will legalize the online casino industry.

While there have not been any indications from the White House about any legislation with regard to gambling, there have been a few hints from Trump’s past that might give us some insight. According to an AP report several years ago Trump, along with his daughter Ivanka, opened a company to research the pros and cons of legalizing online casinos in New Jersey, but never pursued the matter further.

In a 2015 interview on Fox Sports 1, Trump has stated that he has no problems with online sports betting or daily fantasy sports leagues because “it’s happening anyway”.

So, while there is hope for some changes to come one day, the news isn’t really that positive.

There are two main obstacles that Trump would have to overcome should he want to make a legislative change.

The first is billionaire casino mogul Sheldon Adelson. Adelson was one of the largest donor to the Trump campaign and has been very outspoken in position against the legalization on online gambling.  One could assume that with all the money that flowed from Adelson to Trump, he wouldn’t betray him by trying to pass a law that would legalize gambling online.

The second obstacle is Trumps own party, the Republican party, which also has a very anti-gambling stance. The President doesn’t have carte blanche to create a pass any laws that he sees fit and the odds of having any resolutions passed through the House and Senate would nothing short a miracle.

It would seem that despite being the only President to own a casino there won’t be any monumental changes to the online gambling laws in the United States in the near future. Of course, if there is one thing that we know about President Trump it’s that we really never know what he’s thinking and what he might try and do next. Proponents of online gambling can only hope that he tries to find some way to appease both his friend and his party while legalizing gambling online.

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