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Prime Minister Trudeau’s Strategy: Ignore President Trump


In the first couple months of his term, President Trump has tested the relationships between America and other nations, creating tension worldwide. However, one nation has succeeded more than others and they are right across the northern border.

Canada’s Prime Minister has helped form a team across his government who is working to maintain U.S-Canadian relations since the U.S accounts for 70% of Canada’s trade. Trudeau enlisted people with connections to help coerce and contain President Trump. However, even though Prime Minister Trudeau was one of  the first leaders to do a press conference with President Trump, tensions would escalate with Trump accusing Canada of unfair trade agreements and threatening to pull out of the North America Trade Agreement. He would later agree to renegotiate.

With the uncertainty of Mr. Trump’s nature, Canada would implement a different strategy to “cultivate relationships with other officials across America.”

Foreign Minister to the U.S, Chrystia Freeland is a former journalist with lots of knowledge, as well as Andrew Leslie who is an Afghanistan veteran who knows many American Generals. The strategy is to cultivate relationships with high-ranking officials. Mr. Trudeau even went to a Broadway play with Ivanka Trump, after attending a panel on Women in Business.

Because of the proximity, ministers and other officials have been able to court American officials heavily, meeting quite frequently to promote relationships and political agendas to try and forge relationships on every level. When Governor Cuomo, asked to choose American in a proposed state budget provision, Canada reminded the government that they can impose the same trade restrictions in Ontario. New York’s trade exports to Ontario is worth $ 10 billion, and the next measure was stripped of the provisions before it was passed.

While Canada’s strategy has seen some success, they still worry about Trump’s unpredictability.

[Via New York Times]

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