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Prince Harry Has Asked Ed Sheeran to Perform Live at the Royal Wedding

CREDIT: Ian Gavan/Getty Images; Getty Images

English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran might be up for performing some songs at Prince Harry’s wedding to Megan Markle. Or at least, when asked if he would be up for it, he said “yeah, why not?” Although that doesn’t sound like a done deal, Entertainment Tonight reports that Sheeran was asked by Harry to perform “a few songs” at the May 19 nuptials.

Even so, Sheeran did respond with a qualifier, that he would only do so if “he was free.” I get it, Ed Sheeran has a busy schedule, but, c’mon, it s the royal freakin’ wedding! It would be a hell of a classy move on Prince Harry’s part, and given the recent collaboration between Sheeran and Beyoncé on the song “Perfect,” having both stars there would be almost too much amazingness to handle…

I personally think that watching Prince Harry and Megan Markle dance to a live performance of Beyoncé and Sheeran’s duet would be “Perfect,” but “What Do I Know?”

[via Elite Daily]

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