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More Problems for Uber’s Self-Driving Cars

Image via @marshawright

Uber’s self-driving cars are continuing to fall behind test expectations. The company had 43 self-driving cars which traversed 20,354 miles in Arizona during the week ending March 8th, but the cars needed a lot of help from the human drivers.

It’s reported that drivers had to take over the self-driving system every mile. Drivers had to intervene for navigation issues because of unclear lane markings, the system missing a programmed turn, or bad weather preventing the system from properly working.

While small changes had to be made about every mile, “critical interventions,” or those that would have damaged property or hit a person, only occurred an average of every 200 miles, up from the 114 average of the last tests. Uber testers didn’t see the steady rate of progress they had hoped for, though.

The disappointing tests may just be the beginning of Uber’s frustration, as a Google lawsuit could cripple the entire project. Former Google employee, Anthony Levandowski, reportedly stole Google’s self-driving system and started the autonomous car company Otto which was soon purchased by Uber. Google’s lawsuit requests that the court blocks Uber’s self-driving operations.



[Via engadget]


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