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Professional Sports Teams Dump Trump Hotels

President Trump’s antics and spewing of disdainful hatred over the course of the past month towards athletes, foreign powers, television networks, the mayor of San Juan, and his cabinet has all been a bit much to take. The president has said a little too much to remain quiet about, as celebrities and athletes alike have delivered more than enough middle fingers to deliver the message for us as a whole: that we will no longer accept such actions. Today, it has been reported in the latest of efforts that many pro sports teams are distancing themselves from Trump’s line of hotels.

At least 16 out of 17 professional sports teams across the MLB, NHL, NBA, and NFL will no longer stay at Trump-owned hotels (and this is only out of the male professional sports teams). It really makes you think, how much does it take for someone to finally get the message that what their actions are wrong? However, coming from someone with pride as tall as the “imaginary” Trump wall (that is hopefully never built) we should come to expect such behavior right?

It’s only a matter of time until more sports teams make the same announcement, and we can all assume that same can be said of some more vicious tweets from Donald Trump.

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