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Purity At Its Finest: There’s a Photoshop Battle That’s Turning George Clooney and a Grandma Into a Beautiful Love Story

What happens when you combine an adorable older lady with beloved film and television star George Clooney? Apparently one of the best Photoshop battles of all time.

Amidst throngs of fans eager to meet the actor outside the premiere of Suburbicon, one woman took her once in a lifetime chance to caress Clooney’s face like concerned yet loving grandmother. The actor returns the gesture by holding her hand and giving her a classic George Clooney smile. Uploaded to Reddit by user sipping_mai_tais, the picture took the internet by storm as enthusiasts of r/photoshopbattles turned into a series of epic Photoshopped images. Among the top posts were:

An Ageless Romance

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A Summer Rom-Com


A Second George Clooney Recording the Moment


And of course, the ever-important face swap.


Beautiful. Simply beautiful.

[via Mashable]

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