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Qualcomm Lets Us in on Their Newest Ideas for Mobile VR

Qualcomm has presented its brand new system and what it means to the future of VR.

Despite other headsets modeling themselves off of the Snapdragon 835 reference design, the future of VR does not rely on what the competition is up to. Qualcomm shared the latest reference design for its most recent mobile chipset, the Snapdragon 845.

The 845 highlights a couple of cameras, eye-tracking, and 2K resolution displays per eye. Performance boosts lead to a stronger power efficiency, which both went up by 30 percent.

Qualcomm led to a remarkable technical leap for mobile virtual reality, especially through their optimized SoCs that allow standalone devices to deliver these experiences. Full room-scale tracking can allow for mobile standalone systems to build towards what PC and console gamers know as VR systems.

The company will release more information at a later date regarding the VR controllers on the 845 reference design. They shared that they will receive support for vision-based options, which will resemble what Microsoft has with its Windows Mixed Reality controllers.

No one expected eye-tracking, a technology that incorporates high-resolution graphics on your vision. The foveated rendering will allow the cameras to see where your eyes look and can adjust the resolution based on lighting as well.

Although nothing is secure yet, the advancements are exciting for all involved. Qualcomm opened the conversation for VR technology with its reference designs, which can change the way we consume technology.

[via TechCrunch]

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