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¿Que, So Chipotle Has Fixed This Menu Item?

via Eater

Chipotle did the impossible and somehow ruined nachos for everyone in their first attempt to incorporate a queso recipe. I mean, they literally could have used Velveeta and have had a better shot at marketing whatever this was they were calling queso dip.

After a horrible launch, the chain has decided to introduce a new and improved recipe to its menu.

During a visit to Chipotle’s Manhattan test kitchen, Kate Taylor of Business Insider, reported that the graininess (which was one of the main issues) had been done away with and that the dips had a little more heat to it. Taylor also noted that nacho’s are currently $4.80 a serving at Chipotle’s test kitchen.

Many American’s originally discredited the dip after finding it to be bland, as it was referred to by some as “a crime against cheese.”

Perhaps Chipotle has cracked the case and we can all give them another chance. You be the judge and let us know what you think of the new recipe.

[via Eater]

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