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Quincy Jones Casually Mentions Dating Ivanka Trump During Interview

via Mashable

Quincy Jones did to music what Michael Jackson did to pop: Made it what it currently is. Jones has an impressive background, as he helped push MJ to stardom by producing his albums. Jones is the recipient of several Grammy’s, Academy Award nominations, and production credits. The guy knows his stuff.

In a recent interview with Vulture, he was asked about his thoughts of the current presidential administration. He had some colorful words to say about Trump, and then casually dropped that he once dated Ivanka trump. No big deal.

12 years ago, when choker necklaces were still trending for the first time, Jones and Trump went out for dinner. Jones was in his 70’s, and Ivanka was in her early 20’s. Can you imagine how that date must have gone?

Jones stated that Tommy Hilfiger was working with Jones’ daughter Kidada, and told Jones that Ivanka had requested to have dinner with him. Jones response was “no problem, she’s a fine motherf*cker.” Stay classy, San Diego.

Jones also said that she had the most beautiful legs he had ever seen, but had the wrong father. So there’s his political views on the subject.  Nothing like a dinner date with a 48 year age gap. I wonder why it didn’t work out.

[via Mashable]

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