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Rainbow Sushi is Here and It’s Probably Too Pretty to Eat


Look how pretty!!!!

There are so many food trends constantly going around that it’s a bit hard to keep up, but rainbow sushi is so cool I couldn’t not tell you about it.

Rainbow sushi, or “Mermaid” sushi, has probably been all over your Instagram lately and yeah, you probably want to eat it. You can check out a few rainbow sushi spots here, and look at how pretty below:

Lust list.. Rainbow Unicorn Sushi @theindigokitchen #theindigokitchen #rainbow #sushi #rainbowsushi #unicornfood

A photo posted by &Saz Gillett – SYDNEY FOOD (@burgersnbikinis) on

The perfect pairing! #rainbowsushi

A photo posted by Virtue Drinks (@virtuedrinks) on

[via Eater]

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