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I Read Tentacle Kitty So You Don’t Have To

Tentacle Kitty has ruined me for all other cartoon cats.
Tentacle Kitty has ruined me for all other cartoon cats.

I first heard about Tentacle Kitty during NYCC 2015, when I saw the table for it. I bought the plushie of the original Tentacle Kitty on a whim because it was literally the cutest thing I had ever seen at a convention, and this was a convention where they were selling real Cookie Cats. I was elated to find out that Tentacle Kitty wasn’t just some toy, she was also the main character in a webcomic that’s actually pretty great.

The webcomic itself is really short for now, but new comics will be coming out any day now!

The story follows Tentacle Kitty and a cast of tentacled cats in their world. Tentacle Kitty herself ends up in the human world, and after dealing with a lot of rejection from a lot of humans, is picked up by a little girl who’s also kind of an outcast. It looks like it’s going to be an adorable story.

The official website has character information on all the cats and a lot more merch than I was expecting for an indie webcomic. The character descriptions are also pretty detailed, considering.

Tentacle Kitty, or “Pink One” as she was called in her tribe, is a kitty from another dimension, that happens to have tentacles. After a series of unfortunate events she is trapped on Earth trying to find a way home. Armed with 10 tentacles, an adventurous spirit, and new friends, what could go wrong?
Gender: Female
Birthday: Dec 14th
Favorite food: Cotton Candy Mice
Favorite pastime: Hugging

There’s a few more for everyone else. No seriously, this thing is among one of the cutest things I have ever seen in my lifetime. I know that this series is about things that I’ll suffer through reading just so you don’t have to put yourself through it, but this comic is beyond adorable and everyone should be reading it.

[via Tentacle Kitty]

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